Recipe of the Week.............. Quinoa "Fried Rice"

          Happy Thursday everyone! Yesterday Ellie and I took a trip to Costco and bought the first of our spring plants. Including a beautiful lavender plant for inside, it already smells wonderful even though it hasn't bloomed. 

Hopefully buying outdoor plants doesn't jinx the beautiful, mild weather we've been having. I was just craving greenery, since after the snow melts in this wonderful city, every plant and piece of green is dead and brown. 
 Its supposed to rain this weekend, so we've been trying to enjoy the weather by spending lots of time outside.

      Now on to the recipe for this week. I sort of threw this together one day when I was trying to get Ellie to eat some vegetables. She ate two servings of this the first time I made it, and every time ever since. I shared the recipe with a few friends and their kids also devoured it!
A lot of the reason is because kids LOVE quinoa. Its a mild tasting, tiny little grain that is absolutely packed with nutrition. I started eating quinoa about four or five years ago when I was a vegetarian, since it contains more protein and nutrients than any other grain. At that time you could only find it in health food stores and it was quite pricey. Now Quinoa is everywhere! You can find it at the best price, by far, at Costco.
 For more nutritional information about Quinoa click here.
 This recipe is sort of thrown together ( as my recipes usually are) so you can decide how much of everything you would prefer to add.

 Quinoa " Fried Rice"

 What you will need:

- Quinoa
- vegetables of choice
- two eggs ( whisked )
- ham, chicken or any other meat of choice
- soy and Worcester sauce.
- vegetable oil ( I use sesame oil but it isn't necessary)

 How to put it all together:

1- Cook one serving of quinoa as instructed. ( one cup of quinoa to two cups of water) You want it to be slightly undercooked, it should still be a little bit crunchy. Set aside.
2- Chop vegetables and meat into small pieces. I chop mine as small as possible so my daughter doesn't realize whats in it.
3- Put chopped vegetables and meat in a large skillet, pot or wok with some vegetable oil and add small amount of  soy, Worcester and seasonings of choice. Cook on medium/high until vegetables are tender.
4- Add the quinoa, stir.
5- Add small amount of soy and eggs ( whisk before adding ).
6- mix and cook well. Enjoy!

  This makes a great lunch, or even an easy dinner if your in a hurry.

   If you noticed that I titled this "Recipe of the Week" instead of "Recipe Wednesday", its because I've decided to post when I can, instead of a certain day of the week. I was setting myself up for failure really, I am NOT organized enough for that! HA!

  I hope everyone is having a great week. Can you believe we're already five days into May?!

- Rebecca

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  1. mmmm sounds good. I've never tried Quinoa but I'll have to buy some and try this. I'm sure Ryder will gobble it up. He's my good little eater. Mason will be the true test of this recipe. LOL. I'll let you know how it goes.