These are a few of my favorite things...skin care edition.

     I thought I would throw in a random post about something I would be interested in. There is always a fascination between women and what products they use. Looking into a women's purse....or diaper bag...can be a window into they're soul!
   My purse would have loose cheerios, bobby pins and 5 or 6 random lip glosses to name a few things. How glamorous!
  The same goes for a woman's vanity or bathroom cupboard. I have had a skincare routine since I was about thirteen or fourteen. As soon as I started "wearing" make-up ( No there NOT be photos posted! ) my mother made sure I cleansed my face every night. She threatened the consequence of not washing my face would be pimples galore...which is true, and it scared me into being religious about my routine. I have tried almost everything available for my combination, blemish prone skin.
   Which is why when I moved to Edmonton I got a job as a skincare expert at Sephora West Edmonton Mall. It was very easy for me to help people since I myself, have tried it all. I am extremely picky when it comes to the products I put on my skin, although I am less so now that I am a mother. Now it is more important for me to have highly effective products that are not too complicated.
    I also try to stick to products that are more natural, or at least ingredient driven brands. What I mean by that is, the more non-sense on the bottle that I cannot pronounce, the less likely I will purchase it. I am even more so picky when it comes to the products I will use on my daughter. The studies that link diseases to chemical or unnatural ingredients aren't always the most accurate, but I prefer to take precautions and use products that choose to use more natural plant based ingredients. Better safe than sorry in my opinion, but obviously every mother knows whats best for their own child.
 So for this post I am going to share what I am using at the moment, and also what Ellie uses.

 When ever I try something new I always end up going back to this great, easy cleanser. It takes off eye and complexion make-up so easily and makes your skin feel so clean. It is sold in 4 different sizes at Sephora, and is suitable for ANY skin type.

In the last few months I have been using this set from Ole Henriksen and I LOVE it. Its been really hard on my skin living in such a dry climate. Since I have combination skin and its sometimes hard to find a balance between moisturizing enough and clogging my pores. This set is perfect, it has your exfoliator, moisturizer and a great serum. Its so easy to use and all the products are non-comedogenic ( which means they will not clog your pores). My skin has been looking bright and refreshed from all the brightening ingredients in these products ( vitamin c, licorice root extract, AHA's)  The price is also great for such quality skincare at $70 for the set ( almost half off if you bought them separately) Available at Sephora.

This eye cream is just easy and basic. It a gel so it sinks right in and hydrates. ( available at Sephora )

I am so lazy when it comes to protecting my skin from the sun, so this is perfect for me. I can keep it in my purse or diaper bag and just brush it on when needed. It wont make you greasy or clog your pores. LOVE! ( available at Sephora)

 Last product for me is this great body butter from LAVANILLA. The smell isn't too over powering,  its super hydrating and full of great antioxidants for your skin. (available at Sephora)

  These baby products are TO DIE FOR! If you were to bottle the smell of a baby, this scent would be as close as you could get. We've tried other brands for Ellie but none have even compared to this one. The wash and lotion are natural, smell great and are very affective. The only down side? Live Clean Baby is a little pricey at 7-8 dollars a bottle, but I find the bottles last quite a while. You can purchase it at any drug or grocery store, I find it is usually the lowest price at Superstore.

           I hope every one found this interesting and not too superficial. I think that its important to take care of your skin as a part of your over-all health. Especially when you are a mother, you have to remember to take care of yourself as well. We slather lotions and sunscreens on our babies and then forget about ourselves. I am going to make it a priority to take care of my skin this summer. After all, how can I tell my daughter its important to protect her skin if I'm not doing it myself?
Next week I'll let everyone know whats in my make-up bag and then my curly hair must haves!

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Here's another picture of Ellie in a BabyBoo hat strolling around the mall a few months ago. Good luck to everyone who has already entered, I can't wait to see who wins!

- Rebecca


  1. Very interesting, for real :)
    What is that brush sunscreen? Is it a powder that just has UV protectors in it? Or is it actually a sun screen? I like the idea of it.

  2. Oh good! It is a powder mineral spf, not a cosmetic powder. Its only really suitable for your face and decollete, or touch ups on your face,decollete and body. Its one of my favorite things to keep in my purse in the summer. They also have a 40spf.


  3. Is it expensive? What a great idea... I want to get it! haha Can you only find it at Sephora?

  4. LOVE the live clean line! I have a bath WITH Morgan just so I can smell as pretty as her! Haha. Great job becky! Xo - Sam

  5. So I was walking down the baby aisle in Superstore and saw the Live Clean Baby stuff so I grabbed it for the boys. You are so right about the bottling of the scent of a baby. I couldnt stop smelling their hair during story time. LOL. Thanks!

  6. Im so glad everyone else loves Live Clean Baby. I'm the same way Jen, I am constantly kissing and smelling Ellie after her bath!

    Mel, I believe the spf is around $30, but I could be wrong. It lasts FOREVER though, one will definitely last through the summer. I believe PTR is only sold at Sephora, unless you can find it online somewhere else.

  7. I have never heard of Live Clean Baby, we currently use the aveeno baby line on my dd, but I am going to look into the Live Clean Baby Line.

    Following you from Babysteals