Frugal Fashion Friday...getting ready for spring??

  Well its April.15th and its still a winter wonderland in Edmonton, but spring has to come eventually...right?! RIGHT?!
  In order to keep my sanity I have started to add to my spring/summer wardrobe...although its hard to find inspiration...maybe I need to google some beach scenes...
 Although I am wasting your time whining, things are actually looking up, the snow is melting and no flakes have fallen today...yet.
 My precious daughter met the Easter bunny today, she liked him a lot from afar....up close, not so much. I know I was kind-of terrified myself, what is it that's so creepy about bunny suits?! Eek!

  Now on to the goods, please excuse the shotty photography, self portraits are more difficult than you would think! HA! I promise I'll practice and get better.

   The first thing I purchased was a maxi dress off Haute Look for $45 (55% off  the retail price). I've been on the hunt for one for a while, and I am so happy with this buy.

I love how feminine it is, and its seriously comfortable. It has such a wonderful vintage look to it, but will look MUCH better when the beige doesn't blend into my pasty winter skin, yikes!
  I love how the metallic bead work on top just adds the right amount of modern and glam.

  Good for a night out or a day at the beach.

The next item is a pair of navy bell-bottom pants. I've scoping for a pair like these for a while and I found them for $27 at Forever Twenty-one, they are the most comfortable pants EVER!
  They have much more flare in person, perfect for flats or heels. Plus I'm just excited to wear something other than skinny jeans!  Knit sweater $27 also Forever 21.
   There is something about navy and yellow, they are perfect for each other.

I also got this gorgeous crochet number from Forever 21 again for $23, I'm excited to pair it with a romantic floral skirt or shorts when the weather permits.  Oh and please ignore my new and unhemmed curtains, this is the excuse I need to get on it!
So there you have it! Just a few additions, but I'm on the right track to blue skies and sunshine-y days of summer. I'm still on the hunt for a chunky wedge sandal, some floral shorts/ skirts, a short romper, and anything with eyelet lace!! And man oh man do I need to get back into wearing accessories. I stopped wearing them when I had my daughter, fashionable accessories + baby = no go. I'm so happy that this season seems to be about ultra feminine and vintage inspired pieces...that's my FAVORITE! What trend are you excited about wearing this spring/summer?

Next Friday there will be a special little model showing off her new "fashion finds", and they're always WAY better than mommies!

Now to sleep....after I finish the dishes....why oh why I always leave them until 1am I will never know. See you for Monday's Mommy Find, you won't want to miss it.


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