Recipe Wednesday....Easy Easter Treat!

          Easter is just around the corner, and i just love this holiday! It may or may not have something to do with the fact that i am addicted to chocolate...
  I also think it is so fun to spend the day outside searching for hidden items, pretty dress on, basket in hand. My dad used to write riddles for us to find our hidden Easter presents in the house. It was always so much fun to try and solve them and hunt for our yummy prizes! I'm so excited for Ellie to be at the age where we can do the same thing for her.
 This recipe can hardly be called a recipe, its just too easy! This is meant to be a fun treat to make with the kids that looks super cute when displayed, tastes great and takes minutes!

Here is what you will need for Jelly Bean Bark:

- Easter colored jelly beans ( any size or type of your choice)
- White Chocolate ( about 12-18 ounces, I used 2 packs of Baker's white chocolate squares)
- Semi-sweet or milk chocolate ( about 8 ounces, I also used Bakers )
- A baking sheet
- parchment paper

 1-  Melt the white chocolate in a double broiler over boiling water, with 1.5 inches of water in the pot . * If you don't have a double broiler, be creative. I used a medium sized pot and the bowl from my rice steamer. It fit perfectly and worked like a charm! * Stir the chocolate frequently until fully melted.
2-  Line the pan with parchment paper
3-  Pour white chocolate into lined pan evenly
4-  Place semi-sweet chocolate in broiler and melt the same way as the white chocolate, once completely melted, set aside.
5- Add jelly beans to white chocolate in pan *use as many as you want, but in my experience more is better*
6-  Then spoon semi-sweet chocolate on top creatively.
7- Place pan in fridge until firm, break apart and voila!

    I prefer it chilled, I love that cool crunch you expect from a "bark", but it can be stored either room temperature or in the fridge or freezer.
      I think it looks so fun, especially for how easy it is to make! I know Ellie had so much fun adding the chocolate, well more like licking the spoon....and adding the jelly beans, well more like licking the jelly beans. Ha! 
    I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend! We are eagerly anticipating daddy coming home for Easter and my 25th birthday, and visiting family and new baby Keiran in Beautiful BC, aka home.

- Rebecca

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