The very first Mommy Find Monday!!

   Although Monday is almost over ( still trying to find the right time to blog) the first Mommy Find Monday is a website that EVERY mommy needs to know about. In fact I'm pretty sure any mom that reads this will already know, if not I ask, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!
  The website I am referring to is http://www.babysteals.com/. I began religiously stalking this site in February 2010, and from there I was hooked to getting all my must have baby, mommy, and toddler items for ATLEAST 40% off....sometimes even up to 60%! Seriously!
 Babysteals really is one of the very first "one time deal " sites. This is basically how it works, at 9 am sharp a new item will come up on the website for a highly discounted price. You have to get the item you want quickly because once it sells out, that's it, you lost your chance.  And with 115,102 fans (and counting) on their facebook page alone, the items often sell out in minutes. They have also added another "steal" at 9pm, so there are two chances you may "need " to buy something....great my husband will be soooo happy.
 As a http://www.babysteal.com/ "veteran" I'm going to give you some insider tips that will insure you always get the steal.

1- Make a google checkout account WAY BEFORE and SIGN IN before the steal comes on, this will give you precious few seconds that could be the difference between scoring a steal or not. It is completely secure and simple to use.

2- Become a fan of their Facebook page. Not only can you get hints on future items but they also have "surprise steals" from time to time. Although there can be some mommy drama on the page, it is a great tool for any questions, from breastfeeding to cloth diapering to colic to husbands!! There will be a momma who has some advice for you. http://www.facebook.com/#!/babysteals?sk=wall

3- Be advised there is a Babysteals Archive....this means that if you missed an item that you want, you can see if it turns up on there. It is usually updated, and there are often cancelled orders:) http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.babysteals.com%2Fdailydeals%2Farchive.php&h=8234d

   Some of my favorite items that I've "stolen" are, the Baby Signing Time, Nochi's Original Blankie Ellie's favorite blanket, and we have LOTS of blankets, Buggy Bagg, Grovia diapers previously called Grobaby, my absolute favorite cloth diaper, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, Innobaby packin smart, Babylegs, Lilac maternity clothing, Lollitops hats, and of course Aden + Anais. PHEW!

  Not only does Babysteals find you the best items for the best price but they also have INCREDIBLE customer service. They will always find a generous solution to any problem with any product...seriously.

   Oh is your baby not a baby anymore...well there is a http://www.kidsteals.com/ too!! Don't have kids? Love to scrapbook? Well, introducing http://www.scrapbooksteals.com/!!
  Now you know! And if you already knew, sorry to bore you! For future Monday Mommy Finds if the item can be found on Babysteals I will let you know.

  Enjoy ladies! I'm off to bury myself in laundry and dishes...sigh.
- Rebecca

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