Monday Mommy Find....Vogue!!

     Okay so I know its WAY past Monday, I have been one negligent blogger...already. Life has kept me quite busy enough, especially since my husband has been away for a few weeks now. I am one tired mama!
    I am so excited that there is a new beautiful addition to our extended family! One of my very best friends had a little baby girl, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This is girl number three, daddy is in trouble! She is perfect and tiny and so so loved. Last night I started going through my daughter's "old stuff" bin to see if there was anything that my friend would like, and there I was bawling my eyes out! All the clothes were so tiny I couldn't even understand how she was ever that small. The beautiful "newborn" stage where your just getting to know each other and all they want is to be held, when everything is a first and everything is so exciting, it is such a magical time. That being said its also a time where sleep deprivation is a serious problem and other mommy worries that are no fun.
  I love the age my daughter is at right now, so inquisitive, so silly, so quick and unbelievably intelligent. Its like having a pet parrot, which can definitely keep you on your toes. 
I guess there is something so fun about every stage of your child's life, the only problem is it goes frighteningly fast. 
  Congratulations to my best friend and her beautiful family on another wonderfully girl-y addition Keiran, these girls could seriously take over the world, WATCH OUT! Ha!

  Now on to the Mommy Finds! I was going to feature Ellie's new spring wardrobe on Friday's Frugal Fashion Finds, but mommy got a few wardrobe additions so those will be featured instead. ( Thank goodness for birthdays!)
 I am IN LOVE with the clothing for toddlers this spring/summer. It is so whimsical and girly and romantic, quite similar to mommy's fashion pics actually! There are beautiful pastel colors, lace and flowy whimsical dresses that are very vintage inspired. I seriously can't get enough of the ballerina inspired pieces, tutus, and bodysuits, flats and that wonderful ballerina pink. Oh I just think its perfect for little girls.
 I hope everyone likes these pictures because man oh man it was hard to get my model to cooperate! But she was SUCH a little trooper, mommy tried to make it as quick and painless as possible. Even so this will be our last baby fashion post that she models...ha.

   Nothing beats a beautiful, easy dress for summer, whether it be for baby or mommy. I'm also a lover of white.....yes I know she's a toddler, my "girly" girl happens to be quite clean. She's just not the roll in the mud type of gal, so I feel it is safe.

                    Hello? Anyone there?
Oh hello beautiful! What else I love about white is that I have a TON of Babylegs and tights that will be able to get lots of use with this number.

   It is a little bit big, but it will fit perfectly by summer. Its a nice comfortable, soft cotton and I just love the lace details. From Baby Gap: $30, Tights Babylegs from Babysteals: $20 ( including shipping for a set of two)

            This is Ellie's special Easter dress also from Baby Gap: $35.

                  It has such a wonderful vintage feel, she looks like a little southern bell.
                     She was loving it too!!
This dress is Ellie's FAVORITE! She asks to put it on all the time, I think it will be getting a lot of use this summer.

     And at only $15 from Old Navy, mommy loves it too!
       The buttery yellow is just so sweet!
 This dress was also a steal at only $16 from Joe Fresh (superstore)
 Joe Fresh is one of my "go to" brands for a bargain. They always have super cute and current styles for awesome prices, and the best part?? You don't have to brave a mall with your little one to get it! And if you don't already know their baby/toddler socks ARE THE BEST!!

 This cute Roxy jumper is from Premium Label Outlet ( In Langley) for $20. Such an easy summer outfit! The sandals are from Children's Place for $12.

Does that little knit cardigan look familiar? Looks a lot like the one that mommy has, featured in Friday's post. It was a bit of a splurge at $37 from Baby Gap, but it will get lots of use. It will pair so nicely with any of her dresses or leggings and a cute top for spring. Shirt Baby Gap $20, Jeggings Levi's $15 The Bay, Sandals Children's Place $12.
 Somebody is getting sleeeeepy!

    So there is our toddler wardrobe additions for spring/summer. If your wondering why she has so many items from Baby Gap, well.......#1 I LOVE their clothing and #2 We had a TON of gift cards from Ellie's birthday. Normally I wouldn't splurge on so many expensive items, since lets face it they don't wear it for long enough!
 For next and upcoming weeks I'm working on some fun stuff for everyone...maybe even a contest or two, fingers crossed!
- Rebecca

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